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Stop Foreclosure and Save your Credit with a Short Sale:

A short sale can help people who are behind on their mortgage payments, can no longer afford their homes but want to avoid foreclosure regardless of good or bad credit. We are certified short sale specialists who can offer foreclosure prevention services and will negotiate with your lender to help save your credit.

What’s a Short Sale? A short sale is a pre-foreclosure arrangement with a lender, whereby they will allow an owner to sell a property for less than the amount of the current mortgage balance. The owner is unfortunately what lenders call “upside down”.

Barely Making your Mortgage Payments? Through no fault of their own, many find themselves in a real estate distress situation. If you have no equity or owe more on your property than it’s currently worth, then a short sale might be the best solution. We negotiate with your lender on your behalf to get the lender in most cases to pay all sales costs, title fees, escrow in addition to our sales commission.

New Foreclosure Trend: With the never-ending drop in property values, many homeowners are taking radical action. They are choosing to walk away from their homes and mortgages. Not because they can’t make their payments, it’s a business decision for their family that the smartest thing they can do is walk away from their home. A better no cost option is a short sale – These same people could avoid foreclosure, still escape their mortgage and save their credit as well.

Below are the critical mistakes most people make with no solution for their mortgage problem. When all their resources are depleted and there is still no solution to the impending problem, people find themselves in real trouble.

Common Critical Mistakes Made with Mortgage Problems:

  • Running up credit cards to pay your mortgage
  • Borrowing money from family to pay your mortgage
  • Hardship withdraws from retirement accounts.
  • Cash advances from employers.
  • Utilize other loan or home equity lines to pay your mortgage.


Why you should consider our Short Sales Services:

  • No upfront money or fees required
  • You owe more on your property than it’s worth
  • Your payments have significantly increased due to an ARM interest rate adjustment
  • You’re moving to a new area and can’t sell your home or afford double payments
  • You are an investor who got over extended with properties or payments
  • You lost your job or experienced a significant decline in income
  • Foreclosures in your neighborhood or area have destroyed property values
  • You want to avoid a default judgment from your lender
  • You want to avoid the credit devastation of a foreclosure


What are the Benefits to the Seller with a Short Sale?

  • No upfront money or fees required
  • Eliminates mortgage debt and ongoing payments
  • Seller can remain in the property during the process without making payments
  • Closing costs and real estate commission are paid by the lender
  • Avoids foreclosure and the disastrous affect on your credit
  • Can help avoid the need to file bankruptcy
  • You will have a team of certified professionally trained short sale specialists protecting your best interest.


Why would a Bank Lender allow a Short Sale?

  • The bank does not want to own your property
  • The foreclosure process is costly, unpleasant and can be a lengthy process.
  • Depending on the circumstances, many times a short sale is in the banks best interest

What’s the Short Sale Process?

  • Find out if a short sale fits you individual situation. Get prequalified. We offer a free phone consultation with one of our short sale specialist team members.
  • Complete a listing agreement and we aggressively market your property for sale.
  • A hardship package is completed and submitted to the lender.
  • When a purchase offer is received, it’s submitted to the lender for approval.
  • Our professional mitigation team negotiates with the lender and buyer until a sale is approved.

Once approved, the file moves to closing.

The short sale process can be very complicated, on that requires patience, persistence and a great deal of experience. All lenders prefer to work with Realtors who have mastered the intricacies of short sales. We will PROTECT your interest, financial information and documentation at all times. Also, as long as this property is your primary residence, you may be released from all IRS tax obligations for the forgiven debt (consult your tax advisor). Given the fact our professional short sale services are provided to you at NO COST, if you fee a short sale may be your best option, call us for a FREE – NO OBLIGATION consultation.


Important notices property owners should be aware of:

  • Beware of fraudulent offers, do not sign over the Deed or Title of your property to anyone claiming they will find a buyer or they can “cash you out”. Only work with licensed Realtors & Attorneys.
  • Do not be in denial. Foreclosures have a very specific timeline and you must act quickly. Early intervention is often the key to success. If you don’t talk with us, make sure you talk with someone reputable. We are here to help you!
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